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  • Toaor#

    Toaor wrote October 13, 2011 12:15:45 AM CEST

    Hi Rahiym, welcome to my weed world, I look forward to your comments and posts, I have journals of my grows on strainhunters website, under same name.



  • rahiym.allah#

    rahiym.allah wrote September 21, 2011 4:40:43 AM CEST

    I resent that since I have a "red card," that magically, my use of cannabis is  legitimized.  The ONLY person, who can legitimize MY consumption of cannabis or anything else, is ME!
    If I say, "cannabis is good for me;" that's it!
    Point blank: control freaks are out of control.  That's what the REAL issue is.  WE, as consumers of cannabis, are not the criminals; those who pretend to own us, and who imprison and harm us for living our lives, are the criminals!
    Each and every instance, where a government has caused harm to someone who consumed pot, is a crime against humanity.  It is outrageous, that there can exist at one time, so many God DAMNED control freaks!
    The ONLY time that the government can arrest and imprison someone, is when that person has  harmed another person, or damaged their property; therefore, its almost obvious, that there is someone, or some entity, claiming me as property, and accusing me of damaging myself.
    I reject this notion.
    It was time, a long time ago, that people reject the notion that a king, emperor, fuhrer, or a democracy, has the right to impose its will, on the life of another person.

  • rahiym.allah#

    rahiym.allah wrote September 21, 2011 4:40:05 AM CEST

    happy growing


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